About Us

We are Ethan and Rebecca, we are the
parents to Caleb, Hannah, Isaac, Jonathan, and Josiah, we would like to
welcome you to our home.

We live on Crooked Gap farm. We moved to here from the city
in 2008, after we discovered that Ethan had health issues. Our love of the country drew us to realising
our dream of finding natural ways of lowering cholesterol. We started with 6 laying hens in our
backyard, it quickly grew to a pair of Dexter cattle, we pastured them on
Ethan’s dad’s land, and before we knew it, we have 7. With nowhere to graze them.

We bought our land, 40 acres, the land had not been touched,
and we knew that no chemicals had been used on the land, it all felt part of
our desire to raise cattle and chickens in a fully natural way. We had the land
and no home, but with the help of friends and family we built our timber framed
home. We were complete. Crooked Gap Farm
was born

You can be sure that our farm produce is chemical free,
before we purchased our land, it was in the CRP programme for over a decade, we
have continued to practice this philosophy, through natural farming methods,
our animals are not give antibiotics or hormones and we do not use animal
by-products in our custom rations.

We have 23 acres of pasture and 17 wooded acres, our grazing
is done on a rotational basis, this ensures we continue to improve our land.

Ethan is also a full-time pastor, we believe that we have a
duty to raise our animals and our land, so it brings glory to the Lord. The
most important things in our lives are our faith, family and friends, this is
comes across in the way we farm our land.
We work as a  family and our philosophy is to build strong
family ties and values in our children, through strong friendships and
community. We welcome you as a friend we haven’t met yet.